Thats' easy, because I have a proven track record

As an old soul that is on her last incarnation,  I’ve acquired many lifetimes of experience handling different life scenarios.  Through meditation and past life regressions, i’ve learned that i’m here now as a Blue Ray Way Show’er.  I integrate and change bad energy into good energy of things and people around me.

I have integrated back into my Pleiadian Soul name “Teleani (Telay-ayani is how it’s pronounced in this language) holder of the lighted one” and with it a remembrance of the times when the Pleiadian and Atlantean people lived upon the earth.

I am a 6th generation intuitive medium/healer and have managed to create a symbiotic merging of East, West, Native American, Celt, Druidism philosophies.  This symbiotic merging has always given me a very unique perspective for helping my clients.    I am a Seichim Sekhem Level VII Reiki Master Teacher.  I have the ability to connect into a clients energy and do healing / clearing work.  Sometimes I will use various crystals that are attuned for the different chakra and their surrounding area’s.  I direct my energies to the person in need, and have been told by several clients that it is the most warm comforting feeling they have ever felt in their lives.