I was born an Empathic Intuitive Healer with mediumship abilities.

Teleani holder of the lighted one

I am a 6th generation intuitive medium/healer and have managed to create a symbiotic merging of East, West, Native American, Celt, Druidism philosophies.  This symbiotic merging has always given me a very unique perspective for helping my clients.  I am also a Blue Ray soul, re-incarnated from the time of the Pleiadians.  My Pleiadian name is “Teleani holder of the lighted one”.  I am a Seichim Sekhem Level VII Reiki Master Teacher.  I have the ability to connect into a clients energy and do healing / clearing work.  Sometimes I will use various crystals that are attuned for the different chakra and their surrounding area’s.  I direct my energies to the person in need, and have been told by several clients that it is the most warm comforting feeling they have ever felt in their lives.

I was given these gifts to help others, as such I try to live my life so that it mirrors the path I have chosen.  As I am also a medium, I have the ability to speak/hear loved ones that have crossed over, and  I help to get their messages back to the people they love.

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Pleiadian Blue Ray Way Show'r

I was born in Liverpool, England.  Whilst growing up, I always had the ability to see my future as well as that of others, many years before they ever happened.  I remember being the only 6 year old living in Southport, Merseyside, England that could spell Mississippi, and knew about Memphis, TN.

One of  my earliest memories is of sitting in the kitchen of a chinese restaurant in a high chair being fed rice and ice cream!! I later found out my mother used to be a waitress there and that was where I stayed while she worked.  I also remember dreaming of my first day of school and telling my mother about it.  It was not until that day came, that she fully understood what I had told her.  She never really was the same after that towards me.  I remember waking up one night as a very young child, to see a white mist standing at the door of the bedroom where myself and my brother and sisters slept.  It was the spirit of our grandmother who had passed on many years before my brother and sister were born, watching over us and making sure we were safe.

At the age of 13, I moved to Mississauga, ON, Canada, it was there that I realized I was not like other people.  I remember waking up one night after what had seemed to me a nightmare.  That dream it turns out was a catalyst to my knowing/learning I could speak to the dead.  I dreamt of and saw the death of my soul mate – he was still in England at that time.  I heard everything he told me and watched him walking through my fathers house trying to lift the phone to call his family – always repeating over and over, its a mistake, its a mistake.  It was not until many years later that I realized the significance of those words.  I was able to reconnect with his twin sister and her daughter Easter of 2009, and since then have stayed in contact with them both. All through my life and in times of need, my soul mate was always with me, talking to me, teaching me and protecting me.

At the age of 26, I moved to the Memphis, TN/NW Mississippi area where I stayed for many years.  I was living there when the atrocities of 9/11 hit our nation.  I remember I was driving to work and had to pull off the interstate due to an overwhelming feeling of pain, loss, fear that I was receiving from what felt like the whole world.  I have one daughter, who also possesses the same empathic and psychic abilities I do, and I am currently helping train her on how to use these abilities to help others.

My Various Guides

I have several guides from the Angel, Fairy, Pleiadian, Atlantis realms, as well as my ancestors, Arch Angels and Ascended Masters.  Each of them come to  me at precisely the right time they are needed.